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 There are reasons we fear the night. Bill Ryder STILL isn’t one of them.This omnibus edition contains the final four books of the best-selling Tome of Bill series.Includes:Goddamned Freaky Monsters (Book 5)An ancient evil, the last remnant of a cult thought long dead, is about to cut a swath of destruction through the world not seen since biblical times. Bill Ryder’s only chance is to muster his friends and every last bit of attitude he can - because if he fails, Hell on Earth will become far more than just a corny saying.Half a Prayer (Book 6)Bill’s been branded a traitor by the vampire race. Now he finds himself fighting off enemies from all sides while warring with his feelings for the woman he loves. Talk about lousy timing for introspection. Bill must rise to the destiny he’s been trying to deny - because if he doesn’t, his love life will be the least of his worries.The Wicked Dead (Book 7)Ordered to storm the vampire stronghold in Boston, Bill must approach the doorstep of the invincible undead warlord he’s destined to face. If he stands tall and faces his fate, the world might just have a chance of surviving. If he fails, an unquenchable evil will destroy everything he knows and loves. Why can’t the end of the world ever be easy?The Last Coven (Book 8)A goddess returned, a war between primal powers, and a prophecy to fulfill. It’s finally time for Bill to master his powers, sort out his relationship woes, and figure out how to survive his date with destiny. Because if he can’t get his act together, the curtain will fall and mankind will be forever plunged into everlasting darkness.Join Bill in these tales full of monsters, mayhem, and foul-mouthed laughs.If you enjoy Jim Butcher, Shayne Silvers, or K.F. Breene then you're in for a bloody good time.Click BUY NOW and dive into the complete series today. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Christopher John Fetherolf. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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