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Night Fright!(Ubusuky Ukuthuka!)As an American jazz artist and educator based in South Africa since 1999, this is one in a set of pieces that reflect my musical and other experiences in this fascinating country. Night Fright! - Ubusuky Ukuthuka! was composed while on Fulbright with the family to Durban, Kwazulu-Natal. Kwazulu-Natal is set in subtropical, sub-saharan Africa with pounding summer rains and relentless humidity. One night after a shower and in bed with a recent copy of David Hajdu´s biography of Billy Strayhorn entitled Lush Life, I was nearly frightened out of my skin when the largest bug I´ve ever seen fell directly onto the pages of my book. My wife came running thinking I was being murdered by the sound of my screams - thus truly a Ubusuky Ukuthuka! - Night Fright! Performance Tips This is a fun blues to play. The opening vamp can be repeated any number of times. However it´s important to create a freaky, frightful atmosphere by using sparse and scary effects in the intro. Letter A is on cue. Play the accented eighth-notes in bars 4-5 short, straight, but with a meaty and heavy-noted feel. I think my scream can be heard in measure six of letter A. The last four bars of A has a relaxed swing feel to it; the bass should walk here with the remaining rhythm section players changing also to a 4/4 jazz feel. The bass and rhythm section should back to the funky, opening feel for solos at letter B. The rhythm section may choose and have the flexibility to walk/swing during certain solos. Solo backgrounds at letter C are on cue. Let your drummer solo on the D. C. over the opening vamp figure. You have the option to re-introduce the freaky effects as long as they don´t take the focus off your drummer. After the final statement of the melody have the rhythm section delay the last chord Ab/F - play this on cue while the horns are holding the trill. All the trills are to be played slow and expressive. Try to imagine the bug!!! Night Fright! - Ubusuky Ukuthuka! can be heard on the CD Two in One: Mike Rossi & Ulrich Suesse (MRUS 4074).Nombre de pages :34

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