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Ultimate Street Magic: Amazing Tricks for the U...
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Everything that would-be magicians and entertainers need to take their magic to the streets, bars, malls, and supermarkets, and wow crowds up close and personal is in this exciting new guide. From amazing card tricks to mind magic and stunning illusions, a professional magician reveals all the tricks of the trade--with easy-to-grasp instructions and 300 illustrations--that can be performed any time, anywhere. Perplex and baffle urban audiences with unbelievable coin tricks, rubber band magic, and street fire; confuse the steel-willed with mind-over-matter feats like street levitation and telepathy; and scare the strong-of-stomach with freaky tricks like eye poppers and glass eating. Includes advice on starting out; flourishes to polish performances; plus a few words on hecklers. Fans will love it too!

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